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Inagene Website Casestudy

Rapidly Delivering Software Solutions for a Pharmacogenetic Startup in a Highly Regulated and Privacy Compliant Environment.

Inagene is a startup that's passionate about personalized health solutions based on individual genetics. We were thrilled to work with them to develop a suite of products that would support their vision.

Project Objectives / Tasks:

  • Mobile First Responsive Website
  • eCommerce Website
  • Gene Analysis Application
  • Mobile Application for Patient Data and Reports
  • APIs and Secure Integration of Patient Data

Unique Challenges / Requirements:

  • Time to Market
  • Health Data Security
  • Regulatory and Compliance Requirements
  • Accessibility Requirements

Here’s an overview of the products/ solutions we created and the services we provided to help them achieve their goals.


Mobile First Responsive Website:

Our team developed a mobile-first, responsive website that reflected Inagene's commitment to providing easy-to-use solutions that work seamlessly across all devices. The website had a clean and modern look and was optimized for speed and user experience. It showcased Inagene's products and services and helped them establish a strong online presence all while being delivered in an accessibility level WCAG 2.0 AA compliant manner to support the broad needs of their audience.

eCommerce Website:

To support Inagene's business model, we developed an eCommerce website that would allow users to purchase genetic testing kits and other health-related products. Our team integrated various payment gateways and North America wide shipping options to provide a smooth shopping experience for users. The eCommerce website was also compliant with HIPPA and PIPEDA regulations, ensuring that users' sensitive information would always be secure.

Gene Analysis Application:

We were thrilled to help Inagene bring their vision to life by developing a Gene Analysis Application that would provide users with complex personalized reports based on their specific genetic data. Our team ensured that the application and data was HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant, providing users with peace of mind that their sensitive information was always protected.

Mobile Application for Patient Data and Reports:

Our team developed a mobile application that was easy to use and made the reporting simple to understand for all levels of users and health care providers. The application was also compliant with HIPPA and PIPEDA regulations, ensuring that users' sensitive information was always protected. The mobile web application was also WCAG 2.0 AA compliant to support users with disabilities.

How We Helped

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We worked closely with Inagene's team to develop a strategy that would help them achieve their business goals. Full strategies on communication, access, technology, integrations and privacy compliance were provided. We provided them with insights on industry trends and best practices and helped them identify opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors. We have been thrilled to see their business grow and succeed.

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Creative Design
| UI/UX:

We're passionate about design, and we worked closely with their design team at Jacknife to develop designs that reflected their brand identity and commitment to providing personalized health solutions. Together we were able to ensure that their products had a modern and professional look, making it easy for users to navigate the websites and applications we developed.

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We developed both the Gene Analysis Application and the Mobile Application for Patient Data and Reports for Inagene, making it easy for users to access their health information securely and efficiently.

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& Certification:

We ensured that all of Inagene's products and applications were compliant with HIPPA and PIPEDA regulations. We also ensured that all products followed accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA).

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Our team used various front-end web development tools, including JQuery, HTML, and CSS, to develop the mobile-first responsive website and eCommerce website for Inagene. We ensured that the websites were optimized for speed, user experience, and compliance with accessibility guidelines, making it easy for users to interact with Inagene's products and services.

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Our team used and SQL to develop the back-end of Inagene's applications and websites, ensuring that everything was secure, scalable, and compliant with HIPPA and PIPEDA regulations.

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We integrated various payment gateways and shipping options into Inagene's eCommerce website, making it easy for users to make purchases securely and efficiently.

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