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Lakeview Village Website Casestudy

Seamless Experiences, Stunning Communities: The Story of Lakeview Village's Responsive Web Evolution

Lakeview Village is Canada's most transformative mixed-use waterfront community. They were connected with the SOCi team to revamp their website and create a dynamic platform that would engage users, showcase their developments, streamline communication and data capture.

We crafted, designed to provide an optimal user experience with next level speed for optimal SEO performance. The website's design was not only visually appealing but fully managed by CMS, whileintuitively guiding users through the available properties, amenities, and an ever expanding volume of community information.

Project Objectives / Tasks:

  • Improve navigation and design and overall user experience
  • Redevelop all content management and publishing processes
  • Responsive integration of 3D interactive Mapping
  • Integrate all data capture points with CRM platforms
  • Migration content out of original website
  • Fix compliance, and optimization issues
  • Provide data integration with the Development partners working on the project

Unique Challenges / Requirements:

  • Time to Market
  • Rapidly Evolving Communications requirements
  • Pushing the Creative Envelope for a content managed website
  • High volume of 3rd Party and Data integrations
  • Accessibility Requirements

Here's an overview of the products/ solutions we created and the services we provided to help them achieve their goals.

How We Helped

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Creative Design
| UI/UX:

We worked closely with the creative design team capture the Lakeview Village brand essence and translate it into a visually stunning and user-friendly interface. By prioritizing user experience (UI/UX), we ensured that visitors could effortlessly navigate through the website, find relevant information, and engage with the content.

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Web Development:

Our front-end web development experts brought the creative designs to life, implementing responsive layouts, interactive elements, and smooth animations. This not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the website but also contributed to a more engaging and immersive browsing experience.

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Integration & Control:

To empower Lakeview Village's team with control over their website's content, we seamlessly integrated AgilityCMS. This content management system allowed easy updates and additions to the website's content, ensuring that the latest property listings, news, and announcements were readily available to the audience.

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Crafting their application from against strategic insight was crucial to Lakeview Village's success. Careful considering content structure, user journey mapping, and lead generation techniques were all taken into account. Additionally, our application development team implemented custom features to address the specific needs of Lakeview Village's target audience.

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Compliance &

To ensure accessibility for all users, we adhered to the highest standards of web accessibility. The entire website was designed and developed in accordance with WCAG 2.0 AA - Level AA compliance. This commitment to accessibility was in line with Lakeview Village's inclusive ethos, allowing all users, including those with disabilities, to seamlessly interact with the website.

Key Points of Note

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Deep Page

Lakeview Village's website required intricate content structuring due to the diverse range of properties, amenities, and community features they offered. Our solution incorporated an organized content hierarchy, enabling visitors to effortlessly explore the extensive offerings.

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Given the scale and complexity of the project, over six property development groups required both data and content integration with the main website. The headless nature of the website provided easy API integration for all their needs.

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Lakeview Village's website needed to integrate seamlessly with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. By implementing robust CRM integrations, we facilitated efficient lead management, enabling Lakeview Village to nurture potential buyers effectively.

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To provide an immersive experience, we integrated 360-degree viewer modules, allowing users to virtually explore properties. Interactive map modules further enriched the user experience, enabling visitors to visualize the community layout and available amenities.

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