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Driving Innovation: A Transformative Digital Partnership with Mercedes-Benz

In the dynamic world of digital technology, adaptability and innovation are fundamental to sustained success.

As industries raced to adapt to the digital age, Mercedes-Benz recognized the paramount importance of maintaining leadership in customer engagement and marketing strategies. SOCi and Ignition Digital emerged as trusted allies in this journey, offering a comprehensive suite of digital services and creative solutions that have played pivotal roles in refining marketing strategies and elevating customer experiences.

Project Objectives / Tasks:

  • Create a method to preview new vehicles without their physical presence
  • Drive more effective lead capture auto shows and experiential events
  • Integrate all data capture points with CRM platforms
  • Drive and capture personalized consumer relationship with the brand and vehicle
  • Extend the dialog and relationship beyond physical events
  • Effectively express the volume of customizable vehicle options

Unique Challenges / Requirements:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) App Development
  • Personalized Vechicle Web Design & Development
  • Experiential Marketing
  • 360-Degree Visualizations

Here's a few of the diverse array of digital services and creative solutions that SOCi and Ignition Digital have delivered to Mercedes-Benz.

My CLA App

The Mercedes-Benz My CLA App was a groundbreaking digital initiative that showcased the CLA model using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This innovative iPad application was designed to provide an immersive and personalized experience for every Mercedes enthusiast. The app not only allowed users to explore the CLA in a full-scale 3D AR environment but also seamlessly integrated with a customized web experience to match each individual's personal style.

Personalized Experience

Users were treated to a truly personalized experience through a dedicated microsite, specially crafted to reflect their selections and preferences, thereby enhancing the overall purchasing process. This microsite offered a 360-degree visualization tool, allowing users to meticulously inspect every facet of the CLA from all angles, ensuring that no detail went unnoticed. In addition, a realistic video presentation was seamlessly streamed to showcase the CLA with features chosen by the user, bringing their vision to life in a captivating manner.

My CLA Web Experience

The Mercedes-Benz My CLA Web Experience was designed to complement the innovative Augmented Reality (AR) iPad application, providing a fully customized online journey for users.

Immersive Microsite

This immersive web experience seamlessly translated the selections users made in the AR app into a personalized microsite, offering potential buyers a visual reference for their very own 2014 CLA.Users received a link to a personalized microsite with their selections, enhancing the buying journey. It featured an exterior 360-Degree visualizer that allowed users to explore the CLA from every angle, as well as, a streaming video that showcased the CLA in the user's chosen color and features.

Personalized Experience

The Mercedes-Benz My CLA Web Experience played a pivotal role in translating user preferences from the AR app into a tangible online offering. It not only enriched the buying experience but also showcased Mercedes-Benz's commitment to innovation in the digital realm. This experience set a new benchmark for immersive online car shopping.

C-Class Augmented Reality App

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Augmented Reality (AR) App represents the pinnacle of innovation and customer engagement in the automotive industry.

Enhanced AR

This cutting-edge app takes the Mercedes AR experience to new heights by offering a comprehensive interior tour of the C-Class, complete with gyroscope control for navigation and customizable interior colors. Throughout its development, the app underwent a significant UI/UX overhaul, resulting in a vastly improved user experience and enhanced quality, particularly in the exterior vehicle tour and rendering.

Customizable Experience

Embarking on a complete interior tour, users are invited to delve into the intricacies of the C-Class interior, where every detail can be thoroughly explored. For those seeking a personal touch, customizable interior colors allow for a unique and tailored experience, adding a dash of individuality. Moreover, the enhanced quality of the exterior vehicle tour and rendering elevates the overall presentation, making it a truly captivating experience. This redesign places the user at the center, offering a user-friendly interface that prioritizes their needs, ensuring an optimal and engaging journey through the C-Class world.

Concept G-Code Augmented Reality App

The Mercedes-Benz Concept G-Code Augmented Reality (AR) App represents an exceptional fusion of innovation, customization, and immersive user experiences.

Environment Exploration

Developed for the worldwide launch of the Concept G-Code, with a special focus on the Chinese market, this app was designed to provide consumers with a holistic experience. It allowed users not only to tour the vehicle but also to visualize it in their native environments, effectively bridging the gap between the car and the real-world scenarios in which it would be driven.

Adaptable Experience

This innovative platform empowered users to customize their vehicle's environment to match their preferences, allowing them to choose backdrops reflecting their style and aspirations. The app intelligently adapted to the selected environment, showcasing vehicle features that seamlessly integrated into the context, enhancing the user's understanding of the vehicle's capabilities in real-world scenarios. Users could explore the interior interactively with 3D navigation and hotspots, providing detailed inspection of features. This collective effort resulted in an immersive user experience that bridged the gap between the car and real-world contexts, deepening the user-vehicle connection.

Augmented Reality Magazine Cover

To elevate the reader experience of the Mercedes-Benz magazine, SOCi partnered with Ignition Digital to introduce an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) element to the cover.

Together, we devised a custom AR target solution, seamlessly integrated into the magazine's cover. When readers engaged with this AR feature using the iOS or Android CLA app, the magazine's cover came to life as the vehicle leaped from the page in stunning 3-Dimensional detail. This dynamic fusion of print and digital technology exemplified our commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive storytelling, creating an engaging and immersive experience for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.