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The Feldman Agency Apps & Website Casestudy

Revolutionizing Event and Talent Management with Comprehensive Solutions for TFA

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, effective event management and artist representation demand innovation and precision. Enter The Feldman Agency (TFA), a renowned powerhouse in the field, recognized for their commitment to excellence.

Seeking to elevate their operational prowess and enhance client services, TFA partnered with us to forge a transformative journey. This case study delves into the collaborative effort that yielded remarkable outcomes: the creation of a Mobile First Responsive Website, an Offer Management software system, and a powerful Reporting and Analytics Console. These innovative solutions not only address TFA's unique challenges but also redefine industry standards.

Project Objectives / Tasks:

  • Improve navigation, design and brand presence of dynamic website
  • Conceptualize and and Develop - Offer Management - a new centralized software system and backbone to all of TFAs operations
  • Facilitate and accept artists booking offers securely from the website and format them into legally structured offers and data sets that are securely submitted to Offer Management
  • Safely Develop and deploy new modular systems within Offer Management (Ticket Management, Tour Planning, Artist Management, Venue Management)
  • Produce an ever evolving reporting and data analytics system to feed business intelligence back to TFA Management based on OM’s collected data

Unique Challenges / Requirements:

  • Unified backend system to handle multiple front end functions and services
  • Reimagine a legacy backend product and data structure
  • Remodel and migrate data
  • Modernize the application and add additional layers of security
  • Modular deployment of each new function without disrupting existing data and functions
  • Developing a system to transition and validate public submitted website data through a secure channel that formats it into a legally binding contract

Here's an overview of the products/ solutions we created and the services we provided to help them achieve their goals.

Products Created:

Mobile First Responsive Website:

To cater to the growing trend of mobile usage and improve user experience, we developed a Mobile First Responsive Website for TFA. This website ensured seamless access to critical information on the agency, and its services and artists represented . The design prioritized intuitive navigation, allowing clients and partners to quickly find relevant information, automate the booking offer process, increasing engagement, business volume and client satisfaction.

Offer Management Software System:

Our team designed and developed a comprehensive Offer Management software system, acting as the operational backbone of TFA's activities. This system seamlessly integrated legal contracts, customer relationship management (CRM), tour planning, ticket management, artist management, and venue management. This integration eliminated silos and streamlined the workflow, allowing TFA to efficiently manage their entire event lifecycle from planning to execution.

Reporting and Analytics Console:

To empower data-driven decision-making, we created a robust Reporting and Analytics Console. This console provided TFA with a centralized platform to access and analyze data stored in the Offer Management system. Customized reports and visualizations offered insights into key performance indicators, event trends, artist preferences, and more, enabling TFA to make informed strategic choices.

Services Provided:

1 /


We collaborated closely with TFA to define their product vision, goals, and roadmap. By understanding their unique needs and challenges, we crafted a comprehensive strategy that aligned with their business objectives.

2 /

Creative Design
| UI/UX:

Our creative design team crafted visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for the Mobile First Responsive Website and the Offer Management system. We prioritized intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

3 /


The complex interconnection of data sources required meticulous data architecture planning. We designed a scalable and efficient data architecture that facilitated seamless data flow and integration across various modules.

4 /

Legacy App

Transitioning from legacy systems can be challenging. Our team managed the smooth transition of TFA's existing data to the new modern stack, ensuring data integrity and consistency throughout the migration process.

5 /

Web Development:

Our skilled front-end developers utilized technologies such as JQuery, HTML, and CSS to bring the user interfaces to life. The result was a visually engaging and responsive experience for TFA's clients and partners.

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We leveraged C#.NET and SQL technologies to build the robust back-end of the Offer Management system. This facilitated efficient data storage, retrieval, and management, enabling TFA to manage their operations seamlessly.

7 /


The development of the Mobile First Responsive Website and the Offer Management system involved building complex applications that catered to TFA's specific needs. Our application development expertise ensured the systems met functional requirements and exceeded expectations.

8 /


The Reporting and Analytics Console required intricate reporting mechanisms. We developed customized reporting modules that allowed TFA to generate insightful reports and visualize data, aiding them in making strategic decisions.

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