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Harnessing the Power of Agility CMS and SOCi's Expertise

In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, strategic collaborations often pave the way for remarkable advancements. This holds true for the symbiotic partnership between Agility CMS and SOCi.

Agility CMS, a prominent player in the realm of headless CMS solutions, has converged its capabilities with SOCi, a distinguished development and design agency specializing in the art of headless development. This alliance showcases the fusion of Agility CMS's content management expertise with SOCi's prowess in development, design, and strategic planning.

Agility CMS has earned its stripes as a pioneer in the headless CMS landscape, providing enterprises with an adaptable content management system that effortlessly spans multiple digital touchpoints.

Agility CMS has earned its stripes as a pioneer in the headless CMS landscape, providing enterprises with an adaptable content management system that effortlessly spans multiple digital touchpoints. Their emphasis on pliability and user-centricity equips businesses with the tools they need to not only navigate, but thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world. On the flip side, SOCi's acclaim stems from its innovative development and design solutions, empowering brands to craft immersive digital experiences through a modern, efficient and scalable approach.. With a profound grasp of headless architecture and a strategic mindset, SOCi emerges as a strong collaborator for businesses aspiring to drive a beautiful and high performance online presence.

For companies embarking on a transformative digital expedition, the Agility CMS + SOCi partnership offers an unprecedented synergy. The amalgamation of Agility CMS's headless content management blended with SOCi's design and development finesse provides a new avenue for digital solutions that seamlessly weave technology and aesthetics. Be it a dynamic e-commerce platform, an engaging brand website, or a complete UX overhaul, this partnership sets the stage for innovation, expansion, and a definitive edge in the digital arena. Together, these partners unlock a realm of possibilities, empowering companies to actualize digital ambitions without concessions.

Why Agility CMS?

While a headless CMS gives you the flexibility and modern architecture to deliver engaging experiences quickly and cost-effectively, they're often difficult to use by editors and marketers who are used to the familiar authoring experience of a traditional CMS.

Unlike other headless CMS, Agility CMS built-in codeless layout management makes it easy for non-technical users to make design and content changes to layouts with zero coding required.

Agility CMS takes a true content-first approach to structuring and delivering your digital content

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While most headless CMSs typically require a developer to make changes or create new layouts, Agility's user-friendly authoring experience simplifies the process for non-technical users. It enables them to effortlessly create, structure, and reposition new pages on your website.

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Most headless content management systems require you to build out each of these customizations per rollout. Agility CMS makes it easy to build solutions faster with features like layout management, sitemap management, URL routing, and more...

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Speed to

In a world where speed matters, our Headless CMS approach accelerates your creations. By generating static pages, your digital wonders load swiftly, captivating audiences from the first glance. Your creations come to life instantly, engaging your audience without delay.

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Other headless CMSs limit the number of content definitions (types) and relationships you can have unless you upgrade to a paid plan. Agility CMS offers unlimited content definitions on all pricing plans, so you can design your content model how you want.

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A benefit that can't be understated, is that Agility CMS is a fully managed solution which means the operational aspects of the CMS are fully supported by Agility. This greatly reduces the IT and developer dependency empowering marketing teams to make beautiful and creative pages on the fly.

Check out Agility CMS in action!

These are just a couple of the wonderful websites that we've made powered by the amazing headless Agility CMS

Canoe Financial

Premium Asset Management

Enriching the lives of investors, advisors, colleagues and the community by providing excellence in asset management delivered with premium service. Our team works closely with Canoe to help evolve and grow a brand that has scaled exponentially.

My Lakeview Village

A Dynamic Lakefront Urban Village

Lakeview Village is the revival of our waterfront. It is evolved urban living made better by the lake - energized by active spaces, recreation, and culinary sophistication. This lively lakeside village has soul, with a million moments just steps away from your front door. It is a place for those seeking a playful lifestyle that is closer to nature and the waterfront.

Why Not Transform Your Content Experience?

Easily build and manage sitemaps and layouts while enjoying comprehensive control and visibility. Unlock your content's potential effortlessly with Headless CMS+, supported by our intuitive interface and personalized white-glove service.

Agility CMS

Content that Connects

Today, Enterprises need to be quick and flexible. Agility CMS' architecture supports the best-of-breed approach. Use our Enterprise content management system as your content hub while integrating with other best-of-breed systems. Gone are the days of the monolithic CMS that tried to do everything well but failed. Say hello to a modern Enterprise CMS for managing all of your digital content.

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